Don't drag your feet!

If you're near the end of a contract or facing unemployment, and you're thinking about signing with an agency (even if it's not us), do it now!  Why?  Because time's-a-wastin'!

We often get reels from people who are at the end of their ropes.  By the time they sign with us, we have little or no time to improve their look or on-air performance.

Lesson learned: It's much easier to find a job while you're already working.  Don't wait until the last second.  Those last few months or weeks on a job can help us tremendously as we work to improve your skills and get you a better situation.

It is our experience that our clients sign with DCA for one or more of several reasons:
* Most people don't have time to look for a job (finding a job is nearly a full-time job in itself).
* Most people don't know how to properly assemble a good web page and résumé.
* Most people don't have the contacts and connections we do ("It's not what you know...")
* Most people don't feel comfortable representing themselves in a negotiation situation.
* Most people don't know the difference between a good contract and a bad one.
* Most people don't have a friend who's been through this before and will be there to help when they need it.

Too green to have an agent?  Never!  Some of our best and most successful clients came to us straight out of school or from their first jobs.

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